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Born : on 18-th October 1965, in Buenos Aires

City: clinic San Camilo, Buenos Aires - Argentiny

Time: 5:30 AM

Age : 35

Status : single

Personal relations : none (the last with Ricardo Biasotti, to 2000 - daughter Anna María, and before with Jeffrey Sachs, to 1997/8, before that Raúl de la Torre)

Family: father Nicolás, mother Ana María, sister Anabella, brother Adrián, daughter Anna

Stature: 1.65 m

Favourite colour: light-coloured

Her career :
Simple said ...... Andrea was an actress since she was born.
Her debut was in a unitary program of Teresa Blasco, when she was a baby. Still no one suspect that at the age of 5, she was moving the audience with the weekly   programme La familia hoy duerme en casa (directed by Abel Santa Cruz), on channel 9.
After this one followed Habia Una Vez Un Circo (1972, with Mercedes Carreras, Jorge Barreiro, and the spanish clowns Gabi, Fofo and Miliki), and Andrea (1973, with Angel Magana).
Since then started a long list of movies . . . e.g. Papá corazón se quiere casar (1974, with Norberto Suarez), Un Mundo de Amor (1974), Por siempre mamá, and Dias de ilusión (1980, with Luis Brando).
There are also movies from the last years as e.g. Cien veces no debo (1990, with Luis Brandoni and Norma Aleandro, directed by Alejandro Doria), Funes, un gran amor (1993, with Graciela Borges and Nacha Guevara, directed by Raúl De La Torre) and finally Peperina (1995).

But the main thing, that made her famous in the whole world are telenovellas.

Her first telenovella's appear was in telenovella Nuestra Gualleguita (her debut as deaf and dumb), and next in Jugar a morir (1969) when she was 4 years old. Then cames the another ones as El lobo, Recuerdo a mama, Todo el ano es Navidad, Papa Corazón, Un angel llamado Andrea and El hotel de las mil y una estrella.Then followed some more famous ones such as Andrea Celeste (1980, with Raúl Taibo), Senorita Andrea and Los cien dias de Ana (1982, with Silvestre).
After those ones have come the projects those gradually made her one of the queen of argentinian telenovelas. First of all it was Estrellita Mia (1987, with Ricardo Darin), and then came the most famous telenovellas as Celeste (1991, with Gustavo Bermúdez; also awarded with Martin Fierro's Award), Antonella (1993, with Gustavo Bermúdez and Hilda Bernard), Celeste Siempre Celeste (1994, with Gustavo Bermúdez), best-known Perla Negra (1995, with Gabriel Corrado and María Rosa Gallo), Zíngara (1996, with Gabriel Corrado and María Rosa Gallo) and to this time the last one Mia Solo Mia (1997, with Pablo Echarri) those finally made her the fixed star of (argentinian) telenovellas' heaven.
Now, Andrea's news telenovella is El Sodero de mi Vida (2001, with Dady Brieva).

She also made Yo quiero gritar que te amo (1993, with Gustavo Bermúdez), and Un retazo de vida (with Horacio Herman and Esther Goris).

The adj. of everybody said, is that she is very professional. When she was working on Perla Negra, she suffered a Lipotimia. (When someone faint.).

Love Life:
At the age of 14, she had 3 boyfriends. In 1982 she met her first love Silvestre, who was falling apart of Débora Ramos ( pregnant of his 3 children). The relationship would be confirmed at most one year later, 'cause of judicial problems. The March 25 of 1986 , Silvestre and his ex-wife had a fight in front of Andrea with punch, those finished on a judicial cause. All started when he went out with his children and Andrea. After the time, the relation had come to its end, and at the end of the same year the couple broke. In 1988, in front of people she had a date with Raúl de la Torre. They were together about 6 years. After this relation she had met Jeffrey Sachs. She finished a relation with him because of a lot of things (as she said). And she really don't know (or at least doesn't explain it) why. The distance had a big influence on her. The last was Ricardo Biasotti. They have daughter Anna María.

Her Family:
She is the youngest of 3 children. Her father is the director, her sister is the director of her wardrobe, her mother is her assistant in a personal way, and Quinque /Enrique/, her brother-in-law /the husband of her sister/ write the script. Her brother Adrián lives in New York. 

From year 2000 is Andrea mother.

Another things:
Andrea was born in "San Camilo" clinic. She studied in "La santa unión de los sagrados corazónes",
and also in "Nuestra senora de la misericordia".
She likes bet in horses.

Her singer's career :
As a singer Andrea sings all the title songs of her telenovellas, and these songs also were released on CDs.